Web safety reports

In order to ensure the best protection of our users, we maintain our own database of site safety profiles. Please note that we use only credible public sources to determine whether a website can be potentially harmful to our users’ computers or contradict their morality.

How it works

Sur.ly replaces any user-posted outbound links which safety is
not yet approved with its indirect safe links to the same target pages.

  • Protect users from
    dangerous content

    Sur.ly makes all outbound links generated by users on your website safe: it detects sites with malefic, adult or pirated content and keeps your visitors away from a potential threat by adding an interstitial page.
  • Retain your
    website’s position

    Make sure Google’s search robots won’t penalize your site due to some accidental spam links posted by users. Sur.ly will help your site to stand well with policies of McAfee SiteAdvisor, Google and AdSense.
  • Track outbound links

    Analyze visitor activity related to outbound links. Use Sur.ly dashboard to discover frequent exit points, learn how much time users spend on external pages linked to yours and how they return to your site.
  • Don’t let your visitors slip away

    Outbound links can lead visitors away from your site. Sur.ly will help you retain those visitors by displaying your content in the toolbar atop every site linked to yours via links posted by users.
  • Prevent bad link

    Make your site immune to spam breaches. Spam links can happen on any website, spoiling its safety. Sur.ly will redirect all suspicious links via its servers to avoid any bad link neighborhood for your site.
  • URL shortener

    Links published by users can be too long or contain some foul language. Sur.ly allows to shorten links by replacing them with alphanumeric identifiers that look neat and convenient.

Sur.ly toolbar informs and retains visitors

When users follow an outbound link replaced by Sur.ly they see its toolbar at the top of the target page.
Sur.ly toolbar helps users to keep an eye on your site while they are browsing any external sources
linked to it. This toolbar is customizable and includes a set of options to retain your visitors.

Works on all modern platforms

Your CMS is not yet listed? It's easy to implement Sur.ly plugin into any website using our SDK: visit the Developers section .

Take Sur.ly plugin for a spin
and get the feel of how it works.

View this demo of Sur.ly plugin for WordPress, try
clicking the replaced links to view an Interstitial Page
and post your own comments!

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