Download for your content or forum management system

Choose plugin or mod for your content or forum management system, as we provide plugins\mods for every commonly used software on the web. Get SDK in a variety of programming languages to enable it within a custom server back-end environment.

After you click download you will be prompted to choose the location on your computer to save it. From exactly that location you will be able to delete it if needed.

De-integration instructions are provided in the tutorials: How to uninstall WordPress plugin, How to uninstall Joomla! plugin, How to uninstall Drupal 6 plugin, How to uninstall Drupal 7 plugin, How to uninstall phpBB plugin, How to uninstall PunBB plugin.

Plugins represented above do not make any changes on your computer. They even cannot be installed on a desktop computer. They can be used only in conjunction with appropriate Content Management System (WordPress, Drupal, etc). To enable or disable plugin please follow official plugin installation guide for corresponding CMS.

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